We have an emergency service so call now if you need assistance with a rats or mice removal. intex designers ltd Pest Control technician are able to deal with infestations using several different methods. We are also able to provide a humane option when dealing with removal. Each case is treated sensitively and individually. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction.

ratsSome handy facts about rats and removal.

There are two types of animal commonly found in mouse infestations. The larger long-tailed field mouse (Apodemus sylvaticus, approximately 2 inches long and light brown in colour) and the slightly smaller brown/grey house mouse (mus domesticus).

Mice are easily distinguished from rats by their size. Rats are a great deal larger and drag their tails behind them as they move whereas mice lift their tails.

They may be small but mice like to roam for food over large areas compared to their body size and they can get around pretty quickly. They can run up vertical brick walls and fit through the narrowest of cavities. They carry diseases such as salmonella and leptospirosis and possess some particularly unsavoury habits. They cause a great deal of stress when people realise they are sharing their homes and businesses with these unhealthy rodents.

How do I know if I need mouse pest control? mice removal and proffing

Mice are not the most inconspicuous of creatures and infestation signs are easy to spot. Firstly there are persistent scratching and tapping sounds that accompany their movements as they run around your premises, in the subspaces between floors or wall cavities.

They defecate constantly and their droppings will be found around food sources such as cupboards, cabinets, bins and drawers or anywhere else they find food. You will also find droppings along skirting boards, shelves or storage boxes. The animals also have weak bladders so they also leave urine pools or trails wherever they go.

Cardboard and other packaging will show the tell-tale signs of nibbling. Mice also like to gnaw to keep their teeth sharpened. You may find sawdust piles where the mouse has gnawed at furniture, floor or skirting boards, but they won’t just be limited to wood, they will have a gnaw at anything including electric cables. This is why eradication is essential in the prevention of house fires. Another telling indication of infestation is the sudden changed behaviour of other pets. Sometimes dogs and cats will act unusually excited around a nesting area.

Eradication of the problem, and mice removal.

mouseTalk to the experts to make sure you get a proper survey done so that the problem is dealt with conclusively. intex designers ltd are specialists in mouse control. We would need to see the extent of the activity and how they are gaining access to the premises. If these procedures are not dealt with meticulously you may find the problem reoccurs. Our technicians have years of experience in vermin control and have been rigorously trained. It will not take us long to identify the full extent of the problem.

When the survey is completed your technician will be able to ascertain which treatments are most suitable for your individual case. We have a range of different tried and tested services that we use because mice are the most common infestation we deal with. Removal treatments can take up to three weeks to be fully effective. However if we see an animal when we visit your premises there is a good chance we can trap it immediately.

Intex designers ltd provide a rodent proofing and mice removal service that is guaranteed. We provide smaller proofing methods using wires and fillers but we also supply total loft or attic space proofing. If you would like a quote for our proofing services please call the number at the bottom of this page or email us click here. intex offer a leading service in kenya for mouse control that is next to no other. contact us for permanent solution to rodents in kenya



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