While their full damage is rarely documented, rats and mice work day and night to make our life on this planet unbeareble.
From food contamination, economic damages to surprising diseases, the struggle is real.
Do you recall the Bubonic Plague also known as Black Death which wipped 30-60% of Europe’s population in the 14th Century?
That deadly sucker was caused by a special type of flea carried by rats.
The World Health Organization in 2012 reported of a deadly disease again called Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome (HPS) which claimed people’s lives. This one was spread by mouse via urine, feaces and saliva.
In this article I’ll show you simple ways you can implement right away to help control rats and mice in your home.
But first…

For most folks, a rat is a rat. Like they usually don’t see difference betwee them. But truth is,there are about 3 types of this creatures you can encounter and anytime.

1. The Brown (Norway) Rat

The most common and the biggest of the three. It has a reddish brown coarse fur, heavily set body, blunt nose, small ears, and a short tail.
Adult males can weigh up to 0.45 kgs. It’s a fast breeder littering up to 6 times a year with 8-12 young ones every time.
It takes about 3 months for them to mature.
The brown rat is a master burrower and it likes staying under foundations, and dump sites outdoors. But you can also find it inside the house, usually concealed behind cabinets, shelving
or under books.

2. Black (Roof) Rat

As their name suggests, these ones have black fur with a grey underbelly. They are slightly smaller than the Brown rats, have larger ears, sharp or pointed nose, and their tails are usually longer than body and head combined.
Males weigh up to 0.34kgs.
It’s hard to find them underground like their brown counterparts. They, in fact, staying indoors in the attic, roof, between wall cabinets, cardboard and any other place they deem concealed

3. House Mice

Mice are identified using size always. They are the small and slender body, medium-sized ears,small legs and they are pretty fast.
Their nose is usually sharp and visible whiskers.
They stay in darker places indoors like behind cabinets, under furniture or even next to stored goods.

  • Specifically, here are some of the negative effects rodents put us through:
    1. Diseases: Rodents carry diseases and spread them through contact with urine, feces,and saliva. They are also hosts to dangerous pests like fleas known to be vectors of serious ailments and hey, even being bitten by this creatures is real trouble as well.
    Some of diseases rats and mice spread include:
    ● Salmonellosis
    ● Listeria
    ● Hantavirus
    ● Rat Bite Fever
    ● Bubonic Plague
    2. Economic Damages: incisors teeth in rats can grow up 5 inches per year. To prevent overgrowth, rats chew on items like wood, plastic, clothes, and rubber. Growing electricity Cables can lead to fires. In fact, 25% of unidentified fires are attributed to rats.
    Rats can use their teeth to create openings that let them access items in the commercial

There’s only one thing that will make rodents come into your house or business:

  1. So the easiest way to control rats and mice is then to cut their food supply.
    How do you do this?
    Here’s what you can do:
    1. Wipe food debris from food prepration areas, put leftover food in an air tight bin and
    avoid leaving any food items open in the packaging.
    2. Install rodent proof exclusion systems like insect screen in windows to prevent rats from
    making their way in.
    3. Seal rodent holes inside and along the outside wall/foundation of your house.
    4. Food items in the store should be suspended at 1 ft above the ground and rat proof put
    at the foot of the suspension materials.
    5. If you suspect an active infestation, use rodent traps, baits or recommended poison to
    control them – if you kill them by poison remember to remove dead rodents before they decompose and disinfect the place properly.
    6. The house should be cleaned regularly and items organized well.

As you may have realised, there isn’t a quick fix for getting rid of rats. For a guranteed control
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