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We serve numerous customers in the country including schools, embassies, construction firms, manufacturing companies, warehouses, hospitals, banks.


We are accredited and licensed by National Environmental Management Agency (NEMA) Kenya to offer pest control and cleaning services.


We unique solutions to the ongoing pest control programs. Combining the most advanced technology treatments in season specific approach along with a professionally trained staff

Frequently Asked Questions

It depends case-by-case. Certain pests take longer to deal with than others, and certain homes are larger and more complicated to service than others. Some treatments may only take 30 minutes while others may take up to 8 hours depending on the severity and type of treatment that is needed.

If you’re inquiring about pest inspection and/or pest control, chances are you’ve tried to solve the issue yourself. While taking things into your own hands is great in some instances, pest control almost always requires more strategy and attention than you can give it. More often than not, homeowners tend to lack the expertise and time to handle most pest-related situations that are commonly encountered in or around a home or business. If you’d like to nip your pest control problem in the bud right now, call us today at 07

There are numerous ways that pests can enter a home. Ants, roaches, and even mice can enter through impossibly tiny cracks and crevices as they search for food and shelter. To lessen the chances of pests intruding into your home, be sure to keep any branches, shrubs, piles of firewood, decorative rocks, and any other aspect of landscaping well-maintained. For example, if you’ve got a pile of firewood adjacent to your home, be sure to roll around the logs every so often to decrease the chance of pests beginning to form nests in the area, or have them raised off the ground. Properly stacking any piles of firewood would also be beneficial and optimal. Spiders, ants, and other pests have been known to use trees, shrubs, and parts of gardens as ladders into homes through windows, cracks in brick siding, etc. Before applying any treatment, Intex Pest Control inspects and pinpoints potential problem areas that may need to be tended to, but it is your job to make sure that these areas get the alteration that they need.


What drives us?

The purpose of intex pest control and cleaning services is to providing quality, pest control and cleaning services to Families and companies. These holistic services aim to strengthen families and company, foster personal dignity and empower each person to take responsibility for his or her own well-being. The mission of intex pest control and cleaning services is to empower families, individuals to improve their lives by offering quality pest control and cleaning services, that will ensure they live in healthy enviroment in Kenya.

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Job Ngetich

The founder/ Managing director of intex pest control and cleaning Services limited Mr Job Ngetich is an experienced professional with over 10 years wealth of experience in the field of professional pest control and cleaning services, pre construction treatment, bee removal services, rodents control, snakes control etc. He holds a Di in He is currently offering

Our Portfolio

Our effective and affordable pest control process begins with flushing out pests from their hiding places. Once eliminated, we establish a lasting barrier around your property to drastically reduce the number of pests entering your home, office, Factory or Warehouse

Cleaning services

We provide customized professional cleaning to homes and commercial/office cleaning services to businesses in Kenya at affordable costs. Trust us to give your home, apartment, office or factory in, Kenya the freshness you deserve in just a few hours

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Pest control

At intex pest control and cleaning company, we offer Professional and affordable best pests control solutions like fumigation, fogging, sprays and exterminators services, against bed bugs, cockroaches, rodents, flies, spiders, termites, safari ants and bees migration services

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Pre-Construction Termite Treatment is an early method of getting rid of termites and stopping infestations for a long time by applying termiticide on soil and slab in the foundation. We use only the best termiticide to ensure best and safe results

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Our Customers

Profesional Cleaning services.

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If you own a business, one of your primary obligations is to provide a safe, secure, and clean environment for your staff and customers. Failing to do so could create an uncomfortable environment for your employees. You might also run the risk of losing customers or clients